Ukulele has been the one I think about first when I'm free. Even when I'm still busy doing something but I really want to relax myself, I will think about it as well. It has been a part of my life. 

That's the charm of this instrument. The charm of music. 

Unlike guitar or other strings, Ukulele is relatively easy to learn. It doesn't require you to know professional musical theory or to have accurate way of how to play it. It's a freestyle instrument. I can( in the future) sing any songs I like whenever I want along with Ukulele. 

Since I'm still practicing and I'm not so skilled that I'm able to do that, I usually go to watch videos of those professional Ukulele players. There are so many excellent works out there and here's one I like recently. 

If you are interested in this player, here's his Youtube account:

Adam Christopher

I hope you can have a glance at charm of Ukulele after watching this. I really expect that I can create a video like this of my own and share it with you here.