A few weeks ago, I introduced an account on Instagram for those who want to begin to learn the Ukulele. There're varies of short simple version of popular songs and they are very easy to learn. But it doesn't seem like a serious deal. What if you want to learn it seriously and professionally starting from basic musical theory? Maybe a real teacher is necessary. 

I found a website that might be helpful for those who want to learn Ukulele seriously, which is called Lessonface. 

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It includes online lessons for all kinds of instruments, and of course, including ukulele.  You can search for personalized lessons based on your skill level, preferred pricing and availability. By looking through all teachers' profiles listed, you can choose the most appropriate one and book lessons. They also provide free trial so you don't need to pay if you think the teacher is not the right one. 

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There are more and more online schools for people who want to learn something they love using some spare time. Personally, I pretty like this kind of form. I'm so interested in character animation, but as a full-time college student, I don't have time or access to learn this in other school. So I'm planing to take the online class. 

I hope this could help someone who are interested in learning ukulele seriously. And please let me know if you have any other suggestions for ukulele beginners !