Speaking of Ukulele, the first things pop into my mind are sunshine, beach and surfers on sea spray. Because Ukulele is a Hawaiian instrument, the impression of it on me is freedom or happiness. I think the most appropriate songs for Ukulele are those fast-rhythm songs. Watching musicians playing the Ukuleles and dancing on the beach in a sunny day is one of my expectations for vocations.  

However, the charm of Ukulele is not limited in this kind of scene. When I looked for different style Ukulele songs, I was surprised by the fact that Ukulele can handle varies of different styles and is appropriate in many different movie scenes. Although I haven's seen many of those movies, I can still feel the important roles that Ukulele play in those specific scenes and how Ukulele helped to express emotions. Here's a video about some classic Ukulele moments in old movies. I hope you could enjoy it! 

I always appreciate excellent movies with excellent music. Good music is one of my most important standard to decide whether I like this movie or not. I do want to see Ukulele appears in movie scenes more, because this instrument has so infinite possibilities.