Two weeks ago, I posted a blog about the song " Night of Moscow", which is one of the most popular songs in my grandmother's generation. Today, I want to introduce another song from that generation named "Long Song of KangdIng". I have known this song for a super long time, because this is one of the songs that mg family taught me when I was a little girl. 

Kangding is a historical city located in Sichuan Province, China. Before the Republic of China administration abolished Xikang Province in 1949, Kangding was the capitol of this province. It is a very important area in Tibetan culture for its historical background. Every time I think of this place, I can picture running steed on vast grassland and colorful Tibetan tents in my mind. 

Speaking of this song, its original melody is from a local folk song. In 1946, a vocal music student called Wenji Wu scored and renamed it as "Long Song of Kangding". Since then, it have been popular for half of century. It tells a story about a lady from family Li and a guy from family Zhang and how did they fall in love with each other. As before, to let you know what kind of song it is first, I'm going to show you a video. 

When I searched for video of this song, I was surprised by the fact that so many Chinese popular have remixed and covered this Sichuan folk song. Here's the one from a famous Chinese singer, whose name is Weiwei Tan. She remixed this song for a TV show and performed with other Tibetan musicians. 

From these two videos, I believe you get to know how charming this folk song is. This time, I practiced this song with Ukulele and want to share it with you here.