About two weeks ago, I wrote about how I knew Ukulele because of Jay chou, the idol of almost all people at my generation. However, at that time, I didn't totally fall in love with Ukulele. It was hard to love one instrument because of one song.  On a day after four or five years from I knew Ukulele first time, I watched a music video online by accident. That was the song called "Malaysia Charbor" (Malaysian Girl) played by a girl whose name is Joyce chu. Joyce sang the song with a sweet voice while playing the Ukulele. Her enjoyable expression made me remember this talented girl immediately. I want to share this video here with you. Maybe some of you don't like the style of this song because of different preferences for music, but please leave your comments about how do you like this below. I'd like to see any comment! 

Joyce was 16 years old or so at that time and she became very popular after this song online. Many people were attracted by her sweet smile and voice. She let more people realize how charming is Ukulele. I was the one of them. I started to watch more music videos of her and I noticed most of them are her sing covers along with Ukulele. I was so into this small but charming instrument and really wanted to learn that. 

Although I''m not so skilled with Ukulele, I insisted to practice every week. I hope I can cover some songs I like as Joyce did.