⬇️Xinjiang Re-education Camp

Inspired by news stories

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⬇️"What Is QQ Happy Family Milk Tea” Infographic for Sharetea DC Chinatown

QQ Happy Family _画板 1.png

⬇️ Website Design for Capstone Project - Stories of Student Athletes

The project includes six student athletes from wrestling, women’s basketball, gymnastic, track&field, football and women’s volleyball. Each one has a unique story theme based on our interviews.

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⬇️ Self-portrait

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⬇️Poster for DC Row

DC Row, an indoor rowing studio, is the main client of C. Alston Communications. As a media intern, creating graphics and posters is my main responsibility.

⬇️Poster for the movie “Leon: The Professional”

Leon 5_画板 1.png

⬇️Avocado Typography

Avocado_画板 1.png

⬇️ Ghost Typography

Ghost Typo 2-01.png

Report Card for Donald J. Trump (Source)

⬇️ Report Card for Donald J. Trump

⬇️"Carpenter's phone, like everyone else's, automatically connects to the nearest cell phone tower while it's moving around the city which creates essentially a time-stamped map of all his movements. That data is collected and stored by the cell phone company."